MATTESANDALWOOD-CR39-G-15placeholderSALT. Optics Arne Sunglasses
MATTESANDALWOOD-CR39-G-15 SALT. Optics Arne Sunglasses SALT. Optics Arne Sunglasses SALT. Optics Arne Sunglasses
SALT. Optics Arne Sunglasses


SALT. Optics Arne Sunglasses

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SALT. Optics Arne Sunglasses


SALT. Optics is an independent lifestyle company that creates premium handcrafted eyewaer for people who like simple things made well. SALT. Optics is about timeless design; impeccable quality; useful technology; handcraftsmanship and a pure fit. They are modern, yet honor the past, and are driven by a minimalist sensibility in all things.

  • 53 [ ] 20 -148
  • Acetate
  • 6 Base
  • Polarized CR39 G15: Polarized sunglasses neutralize horizontal reflection of light by screening it through vertically oriented polarizing filters embedded in or applied onto the sunglass lens. Only the part of the light wave that is aligned with the microscopic openings (vertical) in the filter can pass through; the reflected light that is horizontally oriented will be blocked, and the glare will be muted significantly. These vertically oriented polarizers act almost like a high-tech Venetian blind, and they filter out the reflected light.
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