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Rodd & Gunn heritage dates back to 1946. Rodd & Gunn is synonymous with quality, while taking its inspiration from New Zealand’s picturesque landscape. Rodd & Gunn’s philosophy is to create classic garments imbued with contemporary style and designed to stand the test of time.

Dating back to 1946, Rodd & Gunn is a contemporary quality, versatile brand that has been designed to completely withstand the test of time. All Rodd & Gunn pieces have been designed to be worn anywhere; but more specifically, a place that maintain a relaxed and unique environment. Rodd & Gunn remains famous for leather shoes, classic polo’s, shorts, but is most recognized for the classy and popular style of the Harper Waxed jacket. By maintaining a long association with sports, Rodd & Gunn strives to create clothes that draw the best from nature. In keeping with that association, Rodd & Gunn is has vowed to source the finest yarns, fabrics and leathers from around the world.


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