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Patagonia Aluminum Bar Replacement Kit


Patagonia Aluminum Bar Replacement Kit

Style: 81690


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Patagonia Aluminum Bar Replacement Kit

STYLE # 81690

If you wear out the traction on your aluminum bar Rock Grip Wading Boots, you re lucky: It means you ve been fishing a lot. Renew your grip with replacement aluminum bars. Each Aluminum Bar Replacement Kit includes twelve aluminum bars and enough inserts and screws to restore your soles and get you back on the water.

  • Kit contains 6 small and 6 large aluminum bars, 46 inserts and 46 screws
  • Easily replaces worn-out aluminum traction bars on our Rock Grip Wading Boots with new traction bars
  • Aluminum bars: 6 small, 6 large. Inserts: 46. Screws: 46
  • 453 g (16 oz)
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