Knee Binding Shadow Ski Bindings 2015


Knee Binding Shadow Ski Bindings 2015

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Knee Binding Shadow Ski Bindings 2015


Knee Bindings have three different directions of release twisting, forward, and rearward twisting, the Shadow can even release sideways, and it will not sacrifice any other performance. The Pure Lateral Heel is the only binding in skiing today that can give you that type of release and protection. The Flex Float Mounting gives your skis a deep and even flex, and Lever Edge Technology will improve your grip on the snow. A wide mounting platform will give you improved leverage and control over your skis. If you have had or want to prevent yourself from knee injuries the Knee Shadow will give you a piece of mind that your knees are safe.

  • Traditional bindings feature 2 areas of release: sideways toe release in the front of the boot and vertical or forward heel release at the back of the boot
  • Kneebindings offer an additional dimension of sideways release in the heel, reducing the chances of strains and tears to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • Hard, flat boot platforms efficiently transfer pressure from edge to edge, and toe-height adjustment eliminates play
  • Wide mounting platform enhances leverage on today's wide skis
  • The Kneebinding Shadow downhill ski bindings feature a 110mm brake that fits most all-mountain wide skis and some powder skis
  • Features 3 - 12 DIN settings
  • Resin and stainless-steel components offer high durability, excellent energy transfer and light weight
  • Made in USA
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