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Innovative material and distinctive design meet in KJUS. Kjus ski and golf apparel drive performance without compromising on style. Kjus jackets and apparel are ready to for your next adventure.

In 2000 Olympic ski champion Lasse Kjus and Swiss entrepreneur Didi Serena transferred their findings during a friendly round of golf and created the first two-way-stretch ski pants.


This Swiss brand is one preferred by champions and professional athletes around the world. Kjus was founded by the professional alpine skier Lasse Kjus, and is specifically designed for extreme outdoor sports. There’s no need to walk on eggshells in Kjus outerwear. This clothing is lightweight and pliable, making it a cinch to stay active and flexible. Kjus ski apparel is famed for its 3D technologically-designed elastic pants and jackets. These items are highly stretchable and allow the body to move naturally in the course of extreme exertion. Kjus offers amazing jackets and pants for everyone interested in stepping up their winter sports game. Professional and recreational players alike swear by KJUS for its intuitive designs and fashionable, high-end styles. Kjus ski apparel’s perfect combination of comfort and fashion concepts make it extremely ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and exploring the great outdoors. Let your good taste shine even when the sun refuses to meet you halfway. Kjus provides a standard of excellence in ski apparel for men, women, juniors and children. Browse Kjus ski jackets, ski pants, gloves and beanies to select your new favorite outerwear apparel. Kjus is designed with top-quality materials to ensure that you stay dry and fully covered no matter your environment. Entrap just the right amount of body heat to stay comfortable and active on a cold winter’s day. If you are serious about getting as much out of your winter as possible, don’t let inclement weather keep you from an exhilarating outdoor sports experience. Keep up the pace —you’re guaranteed to stay warm and protected when dressed in Kjus outerwear. A Kjus zip-up jacket and pair of ski pants is a simple and solid way to enhance your sports performance in low temperatures. “Below Zero”is truly nothing with Kjus.

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