KASTLE MX88 Mountain Cross Skis


KASTLE MX88 Mountain Cross Skis

Style: A256-15


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KASTLE MX88 Mountain Cross Skis

STYLE # A256-15

A true all-around ski, that offers power, control and stability on groomers and off piste.

  • Fast grip shovel
  • Sidecut: Elliptical radius
  • Standard camber
  • Fast grip tail
  • Hollowtech: With the help of the HOLLOWTECH technology the ski s running characteristics is improved. The cutout section in the shovel leads to a reduced weight of the freely vibrating zone by almost 15 %. The resulting lower inertia moments optimize the retraction behavior of the ski. This means that after an impact the shovel returns much faster to the stable condition, enabling the ski to keep its track much more precisely. Hollowtech creates even greater weight savings on the TX touring skis. And the Dual Hollowtech on the XX Twintip skis, allows for the fastest rotation and most controllable spin.
  • Larger Hollowtech: The new generation MX88 features a 10% larger HOLLOWTECH. The aditional mass reduction results in an even more stable and precise ski.
  • Wood Core: A mix of Ash and Silver Fir provide the ideal balance between weight and stability.
  • Waist 88 MM: Maximum versatility - float in powder, charge through crud and still arc frontside. The MX88 provides 33% more running surface than a classic frontside ski.
  • a 0.5 mm titanal base sheet and a 0.5 mm top sheet optimize stability. HOLLOWTECH in the shovel delivers weight reduction and minimizes vibrations. The MX88 has highly durable ABS sidewalls, ideal for the demands of off-piste terrain.
  • Ski Geometry: Sporty and agile turns are effortless with ELIPTICAL RADIUS. A narrower shovel radius allows for progressive and powerful steering. Only 5-7 cm behind the contact point the sidecut merges with the shovel shape. Stability and power converge in the MX88. Wood core: A mix of Ash and Silver Fir provide the ideal balance between weight and stability.
  • Wear Protection: A 45 degree aluminium bevel at the surface of the ski distributes impacts and prevents against common wear and tear.
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