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Since 2001, Joie is one of the leading brands embodying modern, effortless femininity for the contemporary women’s lifestyle. Their dresses, blazers, sandals, tops and shoes carry you through every day with refined versatility and ease, for a contemporary, carefree beauty.

Since its creation in 2001, Joie has been one of the most desirable, contemporary brands to the modern woman. Joies’ designs are modeled after the southern California life style in its very casual, yet sophisticated life style. Inspired by a vintage, yet fresh approach on current fashion trends, each Joie item is timeless in its appeal. Joie rapidly expanded from basic clothing to shoes, soft tees, tanks, sweaters and dresses to keep in line with the effortlessly chic aesthetic the brand maintains. Conceptually speaking, Joie has always been a clothing brand that is, “Casual, comfortable and luxurious.” With that being said, one of previously mentioned elements cannot exist with the other, allowing them to be sown into every stitch.

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