Dalbello Panterra 120 I.D. Ski Boots


Dalbello Panterra 120 I.D. Ski Boots

Style: 402021


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Dalbello Panterra 120 I.D. Ski Boots

STYLE # 402021

The PANTERRA 120 ID has been developed for expert level and high performance all mountain/adventure skiers and pros. Incoprorating many of the structural and performance features of the popular Krypton KR2 models - only wider - Panterra adds sturdy and precise Hike/Ride Cuff Lock/Unlock control to get you to anywhere you want to go on the mountain. Hy-Grip rubber midsole and replaceable Hy-Grip toes and heels provide extra traction and durability when hiking. Exclusive VFF System (variable volume fit) enables quick and precise forefoot width to be adjusted via the toe buckle. NEW: ID Thermo NOW Custom Fit Liners deliver a fit that is instantanly cushy and comfortable, shock absorbing and incredibly warm.......right out of the box.

  • Ski-Hike: Solid and sturdy cuff lock/unlock mechanism releases the upper cuff from the lower shell permitting free hinging rotation for an extended range of motion for hiking or climbing. Engineered for maximum performance and power transfer when engaged in lock position.
  • HY-GRIP Rubber Toe/Heel: High traction rubber compound toes and heels. Maximum traction, cushioning and anti-slip protection when walking or climbing
  • Variable Volume Fit System: Exclusive Dalbello Technology: Developed to permit skiers to regulate overall boot width - from a range of 100mm to 102mm - when closure tension on toe buckle is increased or decreased. Set it, and forget it . Once VVF has been set, Panterra models may be skied/put on/taken off using remaining 3 buckles.
  • DYNALINK Heel Retention: Dalbello Exclusive: Highly effective rearfoot closure system minimizes foot sliding, heel lift, and boot shell distortion for improved control and enhanced performance.
  • Adjustable canting: Permits skiers to align the lateral inclination of the upper cuff to the skier s leg. Outside Hinge Cant Using 5mm Hex Tool, rotate the mechanism clockwise, or counterclockwise, to align boot cuff to desired position
  • Rubber Clad Hike Sole: Bi-Injection P.U toes/heels + Rubber Arch Clad (select models) provide durability, stability and traction while walking and climbing.
  • Adjustable Heel Inclinator: Select Dalbello Panterra models feature an adjustable heel height mechanism. Raising or lowering the heel inside the boot can improve rearfoot and ankle comfort for some skiers. Changing foot angle also changes fore/aft balance which can improve ski response and turn initiation for some skiers.
  • Micro Buckles: A SIMPLE TURN OF BUCKLE! Through the use of micrometer buckles easy to use, will be easier to customize our boots!

  • No-Tongue Overlapping Design
  • NEW: Instant Fit Design
  • NO HEAT MOLDINg step in possibility
  • 100% Custom Heat Moldable
  • Multi Density Ultralon EVA Foam laminate construction
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