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Criquet: From Casual to Sporty

Criquet shirts and Criquet polos are available for purchase online through St. Bernard Sports. The brand is known for its quality shirts specially designed for men who enjoy the game of golf. Of course, the clothes are still a great choice even if it is just for a casual day out or even for a laid back day at the office. There are products that range from golf shirts, to long sleeve button downs, and to the classic strip polo.

Why Criquet?

The Criquet brand has made a name for itself for golfers across the United States. Originating from Austin, Texas, this brand of men’s wear offers excellent products that have features such as vintage designs, removable collar stays, and an all-organic cotton material. The vintage designs make the Criquet shirts as classy as ever, and they can fit in almost event and environment. There are simple plain colored shirts, or plain shirts with colored collars, and there are also the striped patterned polos for a more varied look. Being a brand that specializes in golf wear, Criquet is also known for the sleek players’ shirts that both sports enthusiasts and pros are wearing. Among their bestsellers are the long sleeve players shirts, which make playing in any type of weather comfortable.

Collar Stays

One of the unique features of Criquet polos is the trademark collar stays that allows you to say goodbye to bacon collar. This feature allows the collars on your shirt to stay straight and firm, maintaining that polished and refreshed look even after hours of wearing. These collar stays can also be removed if you want that softer look.

Criquet for Boys

More than just for games and a casual day, Criquet also offers clothing for boys. Father and son can shop for clothes together, and they can even purchase matching styles and designs. The boys’ shirts also feature the soft and organic jersey cotton fabric as well as a slim cut fit that is not too tight and not too baggy. The high quality material allows your kids to improve their performance at any game as the shirts are not too heavy but not too thin, giving them the right comfort and protection they deserve.

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