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This mid-length parka is crafted from our durable Arctic Tech® fabric that’s designed to face harsh elements. Wear it sleek and straight or tighten the adjustable waist to create an A-line silhouette, which helps keep icy drafts out. A longer back hem offers superior protection from cold and wind.

Canada Goose Womens Rossclair Parka
Canada Goose Womens Rossclair Parka


Canada Goose developed the Thermal Experience Index (TEI) to help you find the warmth you want for the experience you seek in each of our products. Whether you need a lightweight jacket for outdoor activities or a field-tested parka for the coldest places on earth, this five-point system is designed to help you make the right selection from our expansive collections.

Please note: Thermal Experience Index is measured in Celsius.

Canada Goose TEI Rating, Jackets


"Made in Canada" isn’t just a slogan stitched on a label—it’s our promise to our customers. It means that every one of our coats is sewn in the same country from which we draw our inspiration. And they’re sewn by real people like Maria Arruda, one of our Trim Sewers.


Saint Bernard offers outdoor adventurers a multitude of ways to get winter ready with Canada Goose, with stores in Dallas, Houston and Austin and free three day shipping and returns online. 

Canada Goose Down Parkas
Canada Goose down parkas seem to be everywhere, especially during the blizzard-stricken winter. These winter coats are undeniably stylish, and are the preference of many who walk through miles in the cold and blistering weather. Winter wear outfits from Canada Goose are coveted for their high quality material that is made from coyote fur and lined with goose down. Even celebrities such as Matt Damon, Hayden Christensen, and Jessica Alba have been spotted wearing Canada Goose.

Stylish Fit
Another reason why Canada Goose continues to gain popularity is the fact that it is all about function and style. Winter outfits are expected to be big and bulky, but with the use of quality material, Canada Goose is able to bring the same warmth and comfort without all the bulkiness of a typical winter jacket. Products such as the Canada Goose Kensington Parka and the Canada Goose Trillium Parka are both made and designed with the body of a woman in mind. The parkas are long and slim-fitting, with the bottom of the coat effectively reaching down to the thighs to ensure full body warmth. The slim waistline keeps these coats feminine, but still provides comfort as you can easily move around without feeling bulky.

Canada Goose Fur


For Canada Goose Jackets, functionality is paramount. Our jackets are built for the coldest places on Earth – places where skin around the face can freeze in an instant. In these environments – when life is on the line – real fur is not just the best choice, but the only choice.

We do not use fake or faux fur because it simply does not protect as well as real fur. Faux fur is only a fashion statement and does not act in the same way that real fur does to protect skin from frostbite. Fur trim around a hood works to disrupt airflow and create turbulent (warm air), which protects the face from frostbite.

Canada Goose is deeply committed to the preservation of our global environment and the humane treatment of animals. We never purchase fur from fur farms, never use fur from endangered animals, and only purchase fur from certified Canadian trappers.
Take the elements by storm with Canada Goose apparel. Canada Goose has set the standard for elite cold weather wear since 1957. With a certain timelessness unique to the brand, Canada Goose has been well-favored in the fashion world over the years and has been featured in many high-end photo shoots. Canada Goose clothing has received well-deserved attention and recognition for its intuitive and practical designs. Canada Goose makes sure everyone is zipped up to perfection in the lowest of temperatures with utility and precision. Browse our online shop for Canada Goose parkas, jackets, beanies, vests, coats, skirts and more. Canada Goose clothing will serve as superb outerwear for your next ski trip or trek up North. Be prepared for anything with proper extreme weather wear. Canada Goose outerwear is technologically designed to keep you as protected from the elements as can be —while still having the flexibility to stay active. Canada Goose clothing has a roomy and comfortable fit, which makes it perfect for layering up. Sleet and snow will have nothing on you in a well-insulated jacket or parka. Shop this brand’s many styles and time and time again you’ll see the sophisticated top-quality that Canada Goose is famed for. At Saint Bernard we provide Canada Goose apparel for men, women, youth and baby. The whole family can bundle up in utmost tried-and-true style. Canada Goose clothing offers sleek concepts and an alluring color selection. Stand out within a bleary atmosphere with stylish outerwear in stunning and flattering hues. Canada Goose is dedicated to keeping you at ease in even the dreariest circumstances. In a cold winter, the most important thing is to stay safe and dry in the face of extreme weather conditions. Trust Canada Goose apparel to truly make this winter a breeze.

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