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First of all, let’s just say we’re not ones to hit the overly touristy locations. This time around was an exception, as we were attending a sisters wedding in Riviera Maya, Cancun.
We decided to make an adventure out of it, AND visit the not-so touristy locations in the area all while inviting some friends along.
We arrived at Cancun International early in the morning, rented a jeep and drove straight to Tulum, with a stop in Playa del Carmen for some lunch. The drive is only about an hour and half from the Cancun airport, and totally worth it to get out of the major city.


Important First Stop for Tacos & Margaritas at La Eufemia

Riding around Tulum with SALT Sunglasses and Hari Mari Sandals



DAY 1 & 2

In Tulum, we stayed in a newer development around the city center at a place called Naay Boutique Hotel. Its so new, you could still smell the fresh paint. We were only visiting for 2 days before our next location, so we wanted a central area but still easy access to the ocean. Beautiful hotel, the area was quite and affordable compared to the beach strip.
Our favorite time was renting some bicycles and cruising the downtown area, for some exploring and margaritas! The town is still very poor in some areas so it was nice to visit the people, and see the real Tulum.




" We highly suggest finding this legit low-key taco bar on Tulum’s beach strip, wether you stay on the strip or not, its a must visit with great drinks, tacos, music, and lounging. "


No Cars on the Island so We Loaded Our Herschel Bags into the Golf Cart!

Holbox Street Wall Art



DAY 3, 4 & 5

Our next stop was Isla Holbox, (pronounced Hole-Bosh), this long and narrow island lies north of the Yucatan peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo.
We had our eyes on this little slice of heaven since last year, and it finally came into fruition. We scooped up our friends and took on the 2 hour drive to Chiiquila (the city port to grab a ferry to Holbox). Upon arrival we parked our jeep in a secured lot, and loaded the ferry. Within 25 min we were on the beautiful isla known as Holbox! There are no cars on the island, everyone rides in golf carts, in order to keep the authentic character of the village where the streets are still sand and earth…
We grabbed a golf cart and loaded up our Herschel packs and took off to our new abode. For now, the main industry on the island is fishing but you can tell that the secret of Holbox has been revealed and the number of tourists coming to see what all the hype is about will only grow over the next few years. Eze likes to instantly chill in the hammocks upon arrival. Her Patagonia tee is our favorite go-to tee. Matches everything and its easy to get on and off. Plus she’s adorable in it.


Image: Marysia Newport Bikini Top & Bikini Bottom


" Moms rocking her new Marysia Swim and SALT sunnies, that red really pops against the bluish-green water! "


In several ways, the island still has that idyllic sense of paradise that was probably enjoyed in places like Tulum and even Playa del Carmen once upon a time.
Laid back with its sandy streets, golf carts galore, colorful Caribbean buildings, shells for days, and sand so fine it's texture is nearly clay. The greenish waters are a unique color making them unmistakably different from the rest in the area, filled with plankton, and pinkish-white sand. On land there's a mixing of locals, and tourists. Great Island vibes for sure!


We chilled out at Punta Mosquito during the day for some R&R. Punta Mosquito (to the east) and Punta Coco (to the west) are both fantastic beaches to spend a day or even night at in complete seclusion. We played with our new Sunnylife float, and drank coco locos all day. Heres Eze in her new Pily Q Baby Swim, which screamed IM IN MEXICO!
The downtown area was amazing, full of color, interesting shops, bars, restaurants, and it came to life at night with music, dancing, and churros! For the ladies, Holbox is where the only makeup you need is a layer of sunscreen and your footwear options ought to be limited to either sandals or bare feet. The island is very carefree and no one is going to notice if you're wearing the same shorts and bathing suit all week. Isla Holbox is where you come to escape the crowds and commercialism of Cancun and enjoy the simple life in a unique part of Mexico. Our go-to sandals are Hari Maris! They are made so well, and you can wear them with just about anything! Dad loves his Vineyard Vines shorts, because they double as swim and active shorts. From beach to dinner, no problems!
Its custom to watch the sunset in Holbox. Its some kind of magic. If you find the time, we highly suggest going in August to swim with the whale sharks, see the flamingos, and the bioluminescent at night. April seemed to be the off month for those. Oh well, were already planning our next visit during that time!


Pao Blocking Those Rays in Her Quay Sunglasses

Eze rocking her Pily-Q Swim Suit & Downing Some Coconut Water

Eze Getting That Perfect Shot With Her Sunnylife Camera

Holbox at Punta Mosquito

Bonobos Swim Trunks for the Perfect Fit!

I Brought 3 Pairs of these Vineyard Vines Breaker Shorts

Image: Sunnylife Floats, Marysia Newport Bikini Top & Bikini Bottom




Our next and final stop on our adventure was to Isla Mujeres. Its just a ferry away from Cancuns port. Translated as ‘Island of Women’. Its a very rocky island for the most part and there is a really beautiful beach on the northern side, which is called Playa Norte. It is a very touristic island, with its traditional souvenir shops and small restaurants. We chose to hit Playa Norte and then golf cart cruise the island. We discovered some great scenes.