Giro The Edition Snow Helmet (Medium)


Giro The Edition Snow Helmet (Medium)

Style: 2033702


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Giro The Edition Snow Helmet (Medium)

STYLE # 2033702

The Edition uses rich leather and sleek strong carbon fiber to fulfill the needs of the refined rider. Clean lines combine with an updated Intake-Port vent system for a blend of performance and sophistication, while Giro s unsurpassed fit keeps you comfortable during long days on the mountain.

  • In Take Port Ventilation: Two vents at the brow of the helmet direct airflow to massive channels cut into the interior of the helmet foam. These channels then link to vents in the top and rear of the helmet. The result is the best ventilation system ever designed for a snow helmet. The unique TPU brim on the Chapter houses two Intake Port vents. However, rather than the air flowing directly onto your forehead which could cause uncomfortable focal points, it is redirected up into massive channels cut into the interior of the helmet foam. These channels then link to vents in the top and rear of the helmet which then exhaust the hot air trying to escape and replace it with the cool air being drawn in.
  • Stack Vent: Our Stack Vent was developed based on research showing the majority of the warm air that can cause fogging exhausts from the center top vent of the goggle. Aligning the Stack Vent in the helmet with the center vent of your goggles helps to keep them clear and fog free while maintaining total helmet and goggle integration.
  • In Form Fit System: The In Form system makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds - even with gloves on. An ergo-friendly dial at the base of the helmet provides up to 6cm of adjustment and enhanced stability while the vertical tuning feature accommodates different goggles and head shapes for a custom fit, free of gaper gap.
  • Super Cool Vents: Super Cool vents pull cool, fresh air into the helmet while pushing heat and stale air out. By maximizing efficiency and optimizing vent shapes, the collective cooling power of Super Cool vents helps to regulate your core temperature and keep you feeling fresh all day.
  • Super Fit Engineering For Snow: Super Fit Engineering is the foundation of our product design process. Every new Giro product is designed with reference to our database of anatomic measurements and rider input. We then test the design repeatedly in the lab and in the hands of riders so we can gather feed back and make refinements to create a final product that fits and performs at the highest level.
  • Includes helmet case
  • Compatible with all after market TuneUps systems
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