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Echo Women's Touch Warmer Knit Glove


Echo Women's Touch Warmer Knit Glove

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Echo Women's Touch Warmer Knit Glove

STYLE # 365081

Combining two great Echo innovations in one, the echo touch warmers knit gloves keep your hands warm while you keep in touch! Echo Touch gloves are engineered specifically with the new wave of technology in mind. Our eLink fabric is knit into each finger and interacts with touch screen devices, making them compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPad and other touch sensitive digital devices (even ATM's!) Echo`s revolutionary warmers fabric warms you up, but never weighs you down. Our ultra light weight new fabrics are made of specially designed fibers that use your own body heat to create a reaction which insulates and warms.

  • Made of modal, super soft acrylic and acrylate
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